ZUUL Kitchens

Capture the rise of food delivery

with Zuul

Utilize ghost kitchens to effortlessly access new markets and grow your business

Zuul Kitchens empowers restaurateurs and chefs to grow their business by focusing on what they do best: cooking and creating. We take care of the rest.


  • Limit Capex

    Avoid the costly and time-intensive process of building out a new location with a membership to our pre-built kitchens.

  • Drive Growth

    Launch a delivery-only concept in a new market to access unprecedented demand for food delivery.

  • Innovate Daily

    Create new virtual (delivery-only) concepts on the fly in our kitchens with the support of our team to explore new ways of doing business.

  • Launch Quickly

    Open your new location in less than 1 month with our support. Unlike a traditional restaurant, all you need is the permits and equipment to get started.

  • Cook More

    With a Zuul membership, all you need to do is what you do best: create. We take care of the rest. From dishwashing to basic cleaning supplies, we ensure you are set up to succeed in our space.

Zuul Kitchens vs. Traditional Restaurants

A new restaurant model that powers your business and limits risk.

ZUUL Membership


Kitchen Infrastructure

Consultative Services

Kitchen Equipment Installation Support

Delivery Fulfillment

Porter Services

Zuul Market Demand Generation

Virtual Brand Consulting

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Built-in demand generation

Avoid sky-high fees & time-intensive customer acquisition. Gain access to our exclusive Zuul Market platform to reach new groups of customers with zero effort.