ZuulOS allows operators to create their own virtual food halls and fulfill multi-brand orders effortlessly.

A new way

Leverage virtual brands and a partnerships platform to drive profitable food delivery.

From native online ordering to batched deliveries with our network of partners and everything in between, we're working to create a new, more efficient delivery model.

Technology that meets the moment

  • Multi-Brand Native

    Our platform was built for multi-brand operators first. Create virtual brands on the fly in a dynamic UI for customers. All your concepts, on one menu.

  • Efficient Deliveries Happier Couriers

    By grouping orders into consolidated deliveries and managing logistics, ZuulOS drives down customer fees while increasing tips for couriers.

  • Demand Generation

    Gain access to our exclusive Zuul Market platform to reach new groups of customers with no effort.

  • No Predatory Commissions

    Avoid sky-high fees and seize back control of your delivery business.

  • Operations-Driven Roadmap

    We are a team of operators who drive our insights back into our roadmap, making this new model of delivery intuitive and efficient.

  • Your Turnkey Solution

    Multi-brand operations may sound complex, but we've made it simple. Our platform allows you to easily set up coupons, promotions, variable commission structures and other features to power your business.

ZuulOS vs. Existing Restaurant Tech

Comprehensive technology that powers a new generation of delivery.

ZuulOS Partnership


A Virtual Food Hall
Kitchen Management System
White Glove Logistics
Batched Delivery Technology
Active Demand Generation
Ghost Kitchen Experts
No Predatory Commissions. Ever.

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